Xandril – Demo II ’83 EP



Virtually unknown Xandril demo recordings from 1983! Quite different to the speed metal style that Xandril developed into, these early recordings present a more rough n tough German heavy metal sound.

For Fans of classic 80’s GER Metal Angel Dust, Iron Agel, Vendetta or early Running Wild 

Best known for their contribution to the classic ‘Teutonic Invasion’ compilation with the speed metal masterpiece ‘Terminal Breath’, Xandril are widely considered one of the greatest 80’s speed metal bands to never have released an album.

 With Daffy on vocals, who rejoined the band again in 1988 for the ‘Perfect Darkness’ demo. And original drummer Christian. More hard rock’ish from a nowadays point of view, but for us that was already METAL!

Imported from Germany

Limited to 300

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