WRANG – Domstad Swart Metael CD




Inspired by the glorious days of Misanthropy Records (Ved Buens Ende, Monumentum, In the Woods…), Tour de Garde brings you Wrang’s “Domstad swart metael” which consists of five furious, eclectic, fast and torturous compositions of tormented spiritness and grandiose atmospheres. An album of grandeur incorporating a multitude of influences throughout its 35 minutes running time with mesmerizing tremolo guitars, voraciously effective drum tempos, dynamic melodies, short piano break, clean vocals, traditional screams, mysterious atmospheres and much more. Out of the cryptic nebular side streets of Utrecht, Wrang get out of the dark to deliver fast, twisted and epic nihilist black metal that shall torment the deep of you mind and beyond. Wrang is a Dutch agnostic black metal horde and is a step outside of what you would usually expect from Tour de Garde.

Released in 2019

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