VOID COLUMN – Admonition of Clarity cassette



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With its second release for Mouth Of Madness, and third overall, VOID COLUMN delves even further into the murky abyss that is death doom metal, venturing into psychotic, mind-altering realms that most mortals dare not ponder. Cavernous vocals and slimy, hypnotic guitars menacingly crawl forth to ensnare your soul while the thick grooves will pummel whatever is left of your psyche into a puddle of primordial ooze. Continuing to evolve from its primitive beginnings, these songs are the most engaging that the project has provided to date and the presence of haunting synths is a perfect addition to these twisted arrangements. Sure to awaken the senses of supporters of like-minded acts such as Mortiferum, Disembodiment and early-Disgrace, this sensory experience provides a perfect balance between dreadful atmosphere and vicious brutality that will leave you spiritually drained but wanting more.
released August 26, 2022 on Mouth of Madness records

Mixing / Mastering by Christian Lacroix
Artwork by martyrdoom illustrations
Thanks to Aleks for help with recording guitars and synths

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