Various Artists – “We Are French, Fuck You! 2” 2xCD



WE ARE FRENCH, FUCK YOU!” #2! Five years after the first volume, this compilation will feature 24 EXCLUSIVE tracks on a beautiful digipak 2xCD. With bands old and new, WAFFY is a snapshot of the ever thriving french underground Metal scene, ranging from traditional Heavy Metal to the most putrid Death Metal. This fairly-priced 2xCD will be available for pre-order within a week so stay tuned and support the Real Metal!

The track listing is:


MERCYLESS “Sabbatic Icon”
BARABBAS “De La Viande”
GRAND BOUC NOIR “Midnight Sabbath”
BLACKOWL “Birdstorm”
ATAVISMA “Martyrewomb”
NOX IRAE “Black Silent Decade”
DEATHRONED “Ritual Circle”
STONEWITCH “Your Hell Is Now My Own”
DIONYSIAQUE “Shellshock”
SEPULCHRAL “Maligno Spiritu Imbutus”


REPUGNIZER “Brainfreezed”
ZOLDIER NOIZ “Pulsion De Mort”
IRON FLESH “Fragments Of Expiation”
MORTAL SCEPTER “Obscure Entanglement”
CRYPTIC GRAVE “Necrophagus Insect”
SILVER MACHINE “From An Enemy sky”
TOWERING “In The Void”
GOATSPELL “Emanations Of Hod”
KAABALH “For The End”
NECROCULT “Return To The Earth”
SACRAL NIGHT “Le Diable Et l’enfant”
NORTHWINDS “In The Name Of Dagon” (demo)

Limited to 500 copies
Artwork by Christophe Moyen
Dedicated to the memory of Sylvain Auvé (NORTHWINDS) and Stéphane Guégan (AGRESSOR, DEATH POWER) who sadly passed away this year.

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