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HRR 838LP, ltd 500, insert printed on uncoated paper

Dave Hewson – lead vocals, guitars
Brian Louri – drums
Mike Dalton – bass
Bobby Sadzak – guitars

01 Not Dead Yet
02 Flake
03 Threshold of Pain
04 Time Warp
05 Death Comes Ripping Through You
06 The Dark
07 Astral Projektor
08 Telepathic Screams

Mastered for vinyl by Patrick W. Engel at TEMPLE OF DISHARMONY in February 2021.

About five years after their seminal third demo “Surrender or Die”, Slaughter were no more. The band had released their first album “Strappado”, a masterpiece of deadly thrash in its own right, and main man Dave Hewson moved on to form a new group under that very name.

A significant line-up change with the addition of a second guitarist resulted in “Not Dead Yet”, an album put out independently on tape and later fittingly re-issued under the old moniker – because it´s nothing less than a logical progression from Slaughter’s early sonic adventures.

“The situation was very different back them”, remembers Dave. “New members had come into the fold, and while we were still very heavy, the music developed into a more technical thrash metal style.” Eventually, the 35 minutes the four-piece churned out were not unlike what their countrymen Sacrifice managed with their classic full-length “Forward to Termination”.

However, the Slaughter signature was still there, albeit in a more refined guise. Bangers such as the explosively short ´Flake´, the playful ´Time Warp´ and the breakneck speed metal ´Astral Projektor´ show a remarkable degree of sophistication while remaining as uncompromising as ever.

With regards to “Not Dead Yet”, Hewson favours “the title track and´Telepathic Screams´, but since we are no longer active as Slaughter today, we are super excited to get to re-release our contribution to the formative years of this music we all love so much!”

Speaking of which, the album was a product of its time and remains timeless as such; after all, the scene ramped up their game in every respect on an international scale, and these tunes are a vivid reflection of that fact. “Having been released on cassette only, they deserve a proper, respectful release”, Dave stresses. “Now they will get the attention they deserve thanks to the amazing people at High Roller Records!”

Apart from a slipcase CD edition, “Not Dead Yet” receives a proper vinyl treatment. Restored carefully by Patrick W. Engel in order to stay true to the original sound, the material is available on either black, red or clear wax, the latter with green and red splatter effect.

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