RIOT CITY – Burn the Night (Ltd 500 / Silver) LP



Imported from Greece

Limited edition 500 copies silver vinyl.

Screaming Heavy Metal from Canada, recommended for fans of Judas Priest, steel, spikes and leather!

RIOT CITY from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, is one of those young bands that represent the new face of Canadian metal. RIOT CITY’s debut album “Burn The Night” is an amalgam of ripping and hot heavy metal, created in pure and youthful madness.

Watch out for RIOT CITY. Riot is on your way.



Side A:

1. Warrior Of Time  

2. Burn The Night     

3. In The Dark    

4. Livin’ Fast

Side B:

1. The Hunter     

2. Steel Rider

3. 329

4. Halloween At Midnight


Riot and fire by:

Cale Savy : Guitars & Vocals

Roldan Reimer : Guitars

Dustin Smith : Bass

Chad Vallier : Drums

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