PROSELYTISM fanzine (Chile)



PROSELYTISM fanzine from Santiago, Chile!

Released by Deathmessiah-Butcher of Christ (Communion/Chainsaw/Templo store) in 2001. Most interviews are from the mid-90’s and later. Everything is written in English. Incredible layout featuring interviews with:

Watain, Typhon, Abominator, Opyros/Nazgul’s Eerie Productions, Ammit, Sargatanas, Decayed, Desecration of Virgin fanzine, Vulpecula, Abigail, Throneum, Apokalyptic Raids, Desaster, Acheron, Unholy Archangel, Ancient Rites, Destruktor, Mortuary Drape, Melechesch, Vomitor

Tons of fanzine and record reviews, in the killer, no-bullshit style of Deathmessiah!

A totally recommended read from the true underground… 20 years ago! Support printed Fanzines!!!!

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