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There’s music that is meant to be heard, there is music that is meant to be experienced, and then there is Paul Chain’s music. To put it plainly, his unique blend of archaic rockpsychedelic atmospherechurch choir ambiences and Sabbath influenced doom metal lay somewhere in between the realm of what is heard and what is otherwise experienced. The style that drives the spirit of this music is definitely identifiable to anyone who is immersed in the mysticism of PentagramTrouble and others of the emerging scene of the early to mid 80s, but where usually a few little nuances make these acts distinct, Paul Chain has staked out territory all his own with an extremely exaggerated variant of the sub-genre that has lost none of its mystique in the passing decades.

CD Digipack – LP replica

This compilation shows all of Paul Chain‘s sides. From experimental industrial/ambient to grooving hard/psychedelic rock. From NWoBHM to heavy traditional doom. Anyone who’s new to this guy should have a listen to this CD.

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