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Originally recorded back in 1978-79, “The Time Lord” features Pagan Altar’s earliest recordings. Two of these flawlessly executed tracks are from a 24-track recording session, and the rest of the album are early, atmospheric versions of songs that were later re-recorded on Judgement of the Dead. This LP includes a long-lost, never-heard before version of “Night Rider”, from the same era as the other songs! This is pure doom metal sorcery.

HiFi Cassettes – Chromium Dioxide quality

Beige cassette – limited to 150
Pre-order – To be released on December 4th, 2019
The whole order will be shipped when the cassette is released. Each pre-order will include one beautiful dye-cut PAGAN ALTAR logo vinyl sticker! Limit one per order. 

124 in stock

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