PAGAN ALTAR – Lords of Hypocrisy Black LP TEST PRESS



This test press is limited to 5 copies only. It comes with two LPs – side A/B and side C/D.

This LP has a generic Temple of Mystery test press cover and does not come with inserts.

For those unfamiliar with test presses, they are what we use to test the LPs before pressing the whole batch. They are always the best sounding because stampers wear out as more copies are being pressed. The test pressings are the first pressings made with those stampers!

The revenue made with selling this test press will be used to pay upcoming record pressing fees. Thanks for supporting Temple of Mystery Records!


Featuring songs written between 1976 and 1983, Pagan Altar’s second album, Lords of Hypocrisy, is a timeless classic of macabre heavy/doom metal centered around man’s inhumanity to man and its ultimate demise. The album’s unique atmosphere is shaped by its dark ’70s heavy rock riffs with a generous NWOBHM touch, haunted vocals, and majestic lead guitar parts. A gem of a record whose mysterious songs inspire total and complete devotion.

Deluxe gatefold jacket with two LPs and remastered sound.
Pre-order – album released on April 17, 2019

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