Negative Plane – Et In Saecula Saecularum Cassette



This album is an absolute masterpiece. It makes something wholly unique and singular out of familiar elements of metal – both traditional and extreme, and is the accumulation of a variety of influences into a sound that is wholly unsurpassed to my musical palate. I had previously compared this to certain bands, but even at that, only slight seconds of songs remind you of something similar to other bands. Negative Plane are wholly original, and transcend the very character of what black metal has been into something far beyond, without ever making it feel unlike black metal should. Directly comparing them to any other band is an insult to their originality, though the band claims to be influenced by Ved Buens Ende and Mortuary Drape, and there are perhaps four or five riffs on this album that merely give off those bands’ vibes. Beyond that, their macabre inclusion of organ playing and chanting/ecclesiastical elements is a perfect tint to the atmosphere. All in all, there’s not much left to yammer on about. This is sheer monumental genius, and should be remembered for decades to come, as one of the most impressive creations of new millennium metal music. I said before; there’s a microcosm of attractive filth shining through this diabolical creation, and it’s absolutely essential in it’s field.

Invictus Productions, 2018

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