Mortem – Deinós Nekrómantis Cassette



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Black Shells with Silver Pad Print

Timeworn records

1. Angel of Apostasy 04:27
2. Horror of the Unliving 05:14
3. The Pain of Being Dead 04:13
4. Liquefied Blood of the Saints 04:25

5. Within the Woods 04:21
6. Possessor of Lost Souls 05:19
7. Deinós Nekrómantis / Satanachist (Venom cover) 03:16
8. A Crack in a Cursed Mirror 05:14

Originally formed in 1986 Lima, Peru, the band now resides with half their members in Peru and in the USA. Over 30 years of Death Metal endurance and discipline have culminated into this prestigious release. Nowadays, so many acts are over-hyped by improperly implying “legendary” “cult” “gem” statuses to “classic” bands. Mortem remains a timeless relic of Ancient Death Metal, preserved by primitive evil that thousands of bands hope to capture in the modern era. Few bands will ever be able to amount such a monolithic catalog that is worshiped so vastly. BEHOLD! MORTEM.
One of the most important Death Metal bands to reign the American underground.

Released with kind permission and licensed by Iron Pegasus Records, Germany


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