MINOTAURI – Minotauri LP



Debut album from Finnish old school doom metal legends Minotauri. The self titled album was originally released in 2004 by the Italian cult label Black Widow, and has been sold out and hard to find for many years. During their short career which lasted between 1995 to 2006, they managed to produce unique heavy doom metal, mixing NWOBHM, Pentagram/Bedemon, Celtic Frost-riffing with real Metal guitar leads (in the vein of Sarcofagus from Finland). Minotauri played a handful of shows; only in Finland and mostly w/ Reverend Bizarre & Spiritus Mortis. The Minotauri mastermind Ari “Arska” was known for many projects (including NWN alumni Morningstar, Perkele, Heathen Hoof, Ironbird) and is still producing music.
Released December 21, 2020

Tracks 1-4: “The Burning Church” demo 1994
Tracks 5-6: rehearsals

Imported from the USA

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