MIDNIGHT – No Mercy For Mayhem LP



Hotter than Hell in the metal/punk underworld, MIDNIGHT’s debut album ‘Satanic Royalty’ became an instant classic upon its release in 2011. Here, with anticipation at a fever pitch, the hooded demons return with the even better ‘No Mercy For Mayhem’. Whereas ‘Satanic Royalty’ was the culmination of nearly a decade’s worth of hard slogging in the underground, ‘No Mercy For Mayhem’ is an intensification of everything its predecessor seemingly perfected: the hooks even more anthemic, the power more piledriving, the dirt dirtier, the sum effect being absolute BLACKOUT. Really, there’s no current band who are able to mainline classic heavy metal, hard-charging punk rock and grimy rock’n’roll quite like MIDNIGHT can, and ‘No Mercy For Mayhem’ is studded-leather, 10-track proof that mainman Athenar and crew are at the top of their game and bow to no one.

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