Midnight Dice / Hitter – Split 7″ EP



While both bands have their debut studio album already out, Midnight Dice and Hitter recorded a more than awesome 7″ split, probably to blow our minds, totally! The Chicago based bands have “Hypnotized” and “Hard Enough” on stores (please grab both albums immediately), but this 7″ split is really worth buying too. Midnight Dice is the successors of Satan’s Hollow, a speed metal band that its 2017 debut studio album made quiet an impact to the underground circles. Still Μidnight Dice is less speedy and closer to traditional metal but you can hear the similarity. Hitter is a hybrid of The Plasmatics meets Danzig meets Motörhead, so no more words needed to say folks…pure fuckin’ Rock ‘n Roll!!!

Underground Power, 2020

7inch is sold out everywhere else!

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