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Stormy Sky Blue vinyl version – includes insert, woven patch and sticker

METALIAN was formed in Halifax, Canada, in 2002 by vocalist/guitarist Ian Wilson after he discovered he could harmonize Glen Tipton-like guitar solos while wailing triumphantly high notes like Rob Halford; they were coined “Canada’s answer to Judas Priest” for a reason! With thundering drums and pounding bass completing the magic, the band moved to Montreal and cut their teeth touring locally around eastern Canada and the United States. With that first incarnation, they released a couple of demos, EPs, and two albums – most of them released by the band or on small labels.

Since 2012, METALIAN’s current lineup – including guitarist Simon Costa, drummer Tony Cantara, and bassist Andres Arango – has achieved an extremely sharp level of musicianship, bringing them forth as the best heavy metal band to have come out of Quebec since the ’80s! The band has toured extensively in North America, Mexico, and Europe, including festivals like Keep it True, Storm Crusher, and Pyrenean Warriors Open Air. They have also released a song on TEMPLE OF MYSTERY’s revered compilation Trapped Under Ice in 2019.

On their fifth and latest album, Beyond the Wall, METALIAN defends the faith once again with its murderous old-school heavy metal. Written during the pandemic, when meetings and reunions were forbidden, the album was rehearsed and written mostly by night at the band’s secret rehearsal room, during curfews. Indeed, the band would play entire nights and bring forth tons of interesting ideas for killer new songs that eventually found their way onto this very album. Moreover, while METALIAN’s previous four albums were each entirely recorded in 12 hours or less, Beyond the Wall took three full days, leaving more time to work on details and achieving a high-quality performance on all levels.

For sure, Beyond the Wall is immediately identifiable as METALIAN, but some new elements stick out: some lower-register singing, bluesy progressive parts (think Sad Wings of Destiny), the addition of even-more-face-melting harmonized “dueling” guitars as well as more emphasis on the rhythm section. These elements are certainly not new for METALIAN, but they absolutely shine on Beyond the Wall, which we believe is the best material the band has ever recorded! METALIAN’s dedication to excellence has never wavered, and on Beyond the Wall, they show that the old-school metal torch is still alive and shining very brightly!

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