MEMENTO MORI – Pallor Mortis / Algor Mortis Compilation tape (wood)




From the deep obscure cemeteries of Toulouse, France, comes rising a morbid compilation on cassette tape. Housed in a beautifully hand made wooden boxset and paired with some goodies (silkscreened patch, bookmark, sticker and booklet with all lyrics).

The bands range from old-style punk, to heavy metal to post punk and atmospheric black metal.

FUTURs MORTs – Futur mort (toi aussi)
Juggling Jugalar – Birth hell death
Bronco Libre – Enfants suicide
Elaoïne sdretu – La mort
1981 – In the dead of the night
Cauchemar – Les ailes de la mort
Douche froide – Della Morte Dell’ Amore
Warnoar – À la main
Les 2 minutes de la haine – Affecté d’un suicide à Vérone

Hinterhein – I see dead people
Zone Infini – Partis
Ostavka – Memento Mori
Traître – La mort
Gas Mask Terror – Dead end
Uhl – Les forêts sont tranquilles comme les cimetières
The chemist & the achevities – A Death Story


Released by Machin Machin, Toulouse, France 2019

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