INEPSY – The Lost Tracks LP + Poster




Basic tracking originally done in 2009, subsequently finished in 2017 and finally released in 2019. Comes with a HUGE poster.

We last heard from Inepsy on 2007’s No Speed Limit for Destruction. While that album’s clearer production and emphasis on hard rock riffing over punk energy garnered it a mixed reception, history has been kind to it, and most people now regard it as an essential piece of the Inepsy canon. Inepsy did basic tracking for Lost Tracks in 2009, so it’s unsurprising that this sounds more like No Speed Limit than the grittier first two LPs. All seven tracks sound like classic Inepsy, which is to say they sound like prime-era Motorhead with a slightly different vocal delivery.

IMPORTANT: This LP is sealed and will be opened to take out the vinyl to avoid seam splits durring shipping. If you’d like us to keep it sealed, please mention it with your order. Thanks!


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