Evil Spirit – Cauldron Messiah CD




Beginning with an eerie intro which soon turns into a bleeding inferno, it soon becomes evident how heavy this album is going to be. With its songwriting based on gargantuan riffs that are sometimes almost frighteningly back to basics but always spot-on, the unusual structures added keep the songs from being predictable without ever losing momentum. Add to this a drumming which is both primitive and intricate (yet always adds to the songs and never gets overdone for the sheer sake of complexity), twisted and disturbing basslines, then you have the musical cornerstones of Evil Spirit. The lyrical content of Evil Spirit is as dark and disturbing as the music, and can be described as being crude, abstract and not immediately identifiable, having a nightmarish candor delivered by a vocal performance that is an histrionic croon, a deviant whisper, or a violent outburst of the bleakest rage. In fact, being influenced by the dramatic world of crime, fiction and horror cinema, the treat is a kaleidoscopic conundrum of disparate musical influences and imagery put to service of an unpleasant, subtle ride.

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