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HRR 306, Black Vinyl 425gsm heavy cardboard cover, lyric sheet, poster

Olli (R.I.P.) – Vocals
Arnd – Guitars
Pierre – Guitars
Raper – Bass
Lacky – Drums

-Invasion Sector 12
-Critical Threshold
-Death Squad
-Tarsman of Ghor
-Faded Pictures
-Iron Force
-Burial at Sea

There’s no doubt about the fact that the Ruhr area was the birthplace of German Thrash Metal. Kreator, Sodom, Living Death and even one-hit wonders such as Violent Force (Velbert) all came from working-class towns graced by bleak industrial buildings and mass unemployment. The same goes for Darkness. They formed on the spot on December 1st 1984 after a legendary gig at the Zeche Carl in Essen, where Destruction, Iron Angel and Tormentor, an early incarnation of Kreator, had been playing. They had everything: the name of the band, Darkness (Destroyer was an early alternative name), the concept, and the pseudonyms, namely Torturer (Lacky), Agony (Hartmut Schöner) and Skull (Andreas Becker).
Darkness’ first album »Death Squad«, originally released in 1987 on Tales of Thrash, a subsidiary label of GAMA, became an instant Teutonic Thrash Classic. This classic piece of German Thrash Metal has just been re-released on High Roller Records in a strictly limited edition.
“We had already demoed ‘Iron Force’, ‘Death Squad’ and ‘Phantasmagoria’,“ explains vocalist/drummer Lacky. ”And there was also ‘Armageddon’ but we had given this one to New Renaissance Records. The rest of the songs on »Death Squad« was all brand new material.” “I always thought »Death Squad« was the best we could deliver at this point in time, I still like the record,” he continues. “We had a bit of time pressure and no real experience in the studio. Bearing all this in mind, »Death Squad« was quite an achievement for us.”

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