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Destiny Calls, the first full-length from Finland’s Chevalier, whips up ferocious speed metal while stretching itself out with epic song arrangements, all capped off by the not-for-the-faint -of-heart vocals of Emma Gronqvist. Recorded across two separate sessions in November 2018 at Black Floyd Analog Studio in Hameenkyro, Chevalier made it a point to ensure the rough and ragged atmosphere found on last years Chapitre II EP was captured. The albums nine cuts – including a re-recording of “The Curse of the Dead Star” from Chapitre II – find Chevalier weaving between their speed metal template and labyrinthine song arrangements. From there, its off to the races with a deft combination of old-school metal savvy influenced by underrated metal heroes ADX and Omen, mixed with progressive song builds.

Released on April 26th by Cruz del Sur, Italy


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