BEHERIT – Drawing Down the Moon LP



Originally released in 1993, this is the incredible debut BEHERIT album. One of the best and most crushing records ever written. WORSHIP!!!!!!!!!

FINNISH import, 2021

A1. Intro (Tireheb) (0:44)
A2. Salomon’s Gate (3:41)
A3. Nocturnal Evil (2:52)
A4. Sadomatic Rites (4:07)
A5. Black Arts (3:33)
A6. The Gate of Nanna (4:14)
B7. Nuclear Girl (1:31)
B8. Unholy Pagan Fire (3:53)
B9. Down There… (2:35)
B10. Summerlands (3:20)
B11. Werewolf, Semen and Blood (3:07)
B12. Thou Angel of the Gods (2:22)
B13. Lord of Shadows and Goldenwood (3:22)


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