Autopsy – Critical Madness : The Demo Years LP



Contains Autopsy’s first demo from 1987 as well as 1988’s Critical Madness demo.

This release is completed by the rare track “Christ Denied” and a selection of raw rehearsal recordings from 1987 and 1988, most of which would later feature on the band’s studio debut.

Some riffs of the song “Christ Denied” have later been used for the song “Torn from the Womb” from “Mental Funeral”

Tracks A1 – A4 from the “1987 Demo”. Recorded and mixed in November 30, December 1, 1987, Lafayette, California.
Tracks A5 – A6 – rehearsal tracks recorded October 8, 1987.
Tracks B1 – B3 from the “Critical Madness” demo. Recorded and mixed in July 9-10, 1988, Lafayette, California.
Tracks B4 – B5 – rehearsal tracks recorded April 9, 1988.
Track B6 – Rehearsal, Benicia, California 1987.



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