REVERSED “Widow Recluse” on CD and MLP – pre-orders now!


Temple of Mystery Records is extremely proud of releasing REVERSED’s sold out demo “Widow Recluse” on limited vinyl and CD editions!

With ghoulish bloodlust and frenzied possession, a force below conspires corpse-like under grave dirt and grime. Beneath the bounds of sanity of Canada’s Vancouver cemeteries rises REVERSED. Howls into the void respond to the ancient echoes from a time when extreme metal was a formless mire of unhinged similarity. In death-like trance, all attempts are made to harness this undifferentiated prowess. Leather and lust, fury and filth, speed and savagery, esoteric hair & teeth: This is metal of DEATH!

Lurking in obscurity, REVERSED has finally captured and released their take on pitch black mania, death stench putridity, and reckless thrashing abandon with their first demo; “WIDOW RECLUSE”. Contorted cries from the miasma of decay speak of unholy arachnid hauntings, ensanguined animalistic lust, and necrotic dreams from the tomb.

The venomous riffs and wretched pounding reach a frenzy that threatens to completely dissolve at any moment, only to be precisely whipped back into neck-snapping form. It is the sound of arcane evil forcibly crawling into your ears!

In allegiance with TEMPLE OF MYSTERY, Widow Recluse will be unleashed in a limited run of 300 CDs and 500 MLPs – released on March 11th!



REVERSED – Widow Recluse MCD pre-order

12″ MLP (black):

REVERSED – Widow Recluse MLP Black pre-order

12″ MLP (limited version with patch):

REVERSED – Widow Recluse MLP Limited Red with Patch


Hear a track from the demo here: