Communion – S/T MLP + Cassette

TEMPLE-006MLP ( 2017 ) Buy


Originally released in 2010 on CD by Proselytism records and released for the first time on vinyl by Temple of Mystery Records, COMMUNION “Communion” is a flawless EP loaded with devastating evil metal riffs comparable to early SLAYER, SODOM, BATHORY and SARCOFAGO. Deathmessiah’s sepulchral evil metal vocals paired with his face melting bestial solos will crush you with absolute power! A reverb-soaked South-American Black Metal gem that should be on the shelves of every worshipper of 80’s witching black and thrash metal classics.

Black vinyl with insert
Transparent yellow vinyl with poster, sticker and two inserts.

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1. Crush The Atheism
2. Embrace Cruelty Again
3. Fire Worship
4. Funeral Of Mercy
5. Mayhem Without Mercy