PALMISTRY “Behold MCD” – Doom Metal from Montreal

Temple of Mystery Records is proud of releasing the first EP of Montreal’s PALMISTRY; a shadowy traditional Doom Metal band in the vein of old Candlemass, Solitude Aeturnus and Cathedral.  Five tracks of riff-heavy magical hymns released on audio compact disc on June 19th, 2019!

Pre-order here:

Limited to 200 copies

The band, which was formed in 2017, has only two members—including the understated and haunting, yet fittingly detached, intonations of vocalist K.B. and multi-instrumentalist C.B. (also of death metal act Shezmu). They recently were joined by session members, and together they will be playing their debut show on August 23 2019, opening for the cult Heavy Doom band PAGAN ALTAR. The LP version of “Behold!” will be released in the end of 2019 by Crypt of the Wizard, England.

Listen to the EP here: