Pagan Altar “The Room of Shadows” LP reissue, Chevalier bundles, patches + Tanith

Good news! The Pagan Altar “The Room of Shadows” LP reissues are coming and are shipping in the next few days from Europe. This is the special Temple of Mystery mailorder edition, limited to 200 copies and pressed on beautiful OXBLOOD colored vinyl. Pre-order your copy now, we will ship them as soon as we receive them!
Order them here:

We also have very few bundles of the first Chevalier demo tape available. They come with a round patch and a pin made by the band!
Order them here:

We got a few more patches from Germany.
Find them here:

Finally, we were able to get a few more Tanith 7inches for those who missed out! These are the very last copies available from the band. They are now working on a first full length. Get them now before it’s too late!