Malokarpatan / Demon’s Gate – Holbaard Dzírobrad / Kartanon Herra 7″

A special collaboration song with the Belgian cult Lugubrum binding Malokarpatan and their fascination for the Brueghelian aspects of peasant life. Physically released December 15th, 2018 on Temple of Mystery Records as a split EP with Demon’s Gate from Finland. 300 copies

Trapped Under Ice Vol.1 – The New Face Of Canadian Heavy Metal

10 EXCLUSIVE tracks from the very best new Canadian Heavy/Speed Metal bands, featuring METALIAN, SPELL, TRAVELER, CAUCHEMAR, FREEWAYS, BARROW WIGHT, OCCULT BURIAL, BLACKRAT, EMBLEM and STARLIGHT RITUAL.  Released on LP, CD and cassette

Freeways – Cold Front 7″

True Canadian classic heavy rock in the vein of 70’s giants like UFO, Budgie and Thin Lizzy. Three genuine tracks full of hooks and killer riffs! FREEWAYS – COLD FRONT 7″ EP (BLACK) FREEWAYS – COLD FRONT 7″ EP (LIMITED BLUE WITH PATCH)

Night Gaunt – Jupiter’s Fall 7″ EP

NIGHT GAUNT Jupiter’s Fall 7″ EP Traditional Doom Metal from Italy in the most ancient vein. Two timeless and epic hymns played with sincere passion. A chill-inducing classic doom metal masterpiece! Limited to 500 copies in black or funeral violet (special edition including inserts). TEMPLE-002 Listen: Buy now! and Distributors: Black Widow records in […]