Pre-orders for Serpent Corpse’s “Blood Sabbath” available now! It’s been a while since we have had activity here at the TOM headquarters – we’ve been busy crafting an evil new release for you… We present one of the best newcomers of the Quebec death metal scene… This debut album of Montreal-based death dealers SERPENT CORPSE […]

We are proud of announcing that TEMPLE OF MYSTERY RECORDS will be releasing the new Cauchemar album! Rising from their moss-covered crypt, Cauchemar are back with their third full-length, Rosa Mystica, the band’s first offering since 2019’s Trapped Under Ice compilation. The album will be released on May 16th on CD and vinyl format, with the cassette version to follow […]

Canada’s newest doomsday cult, KONTACT, blast off with 5 tracks of HEAVY METAL FROM BEYOND. As if frozen in the distant past and thawed in the distant future, their debut release “First Contact” fuzes 80s Priest with 90s Voivod into science-fiction epics that sound both strange and ancient, fresh but familiar. Featuring members of BLACKRAT and […]

PAGAN ALTAR – The Story of Pagan Altar LP/CD The Story of Pagan Altar is that of a once unknown proto-doom band formed in the late ‘70s who are now considered legendary. For the first time, the band’s previously unheard recordings are now available on this comprehensive, historic compilation. Within are rare rehearsals, demos and singles from 1976 […]

Outre-Tombe - Abysse Mortifere